Hi – welcome to my virtual home. I’m the Tam in HealthPsychTam, a 20 something PhD graduate originally from Cornwall and now living between there and Bath. I offer a number of services to academic institutions, organisations, charities and students of all ages, My work is grounded in the values of balance, resilience and legacy, with a focus on a holistic approach to work, study and life beyond.


Workshops and training surrounding health and well-being in work, academia and life. A specific focus on a holistic approach to work-life balance with the aim of developing resilience. Workshops pitched to a wide variety of audiences and over 30 topics to choose from, with tailor made and bespoke packages also available.




I offer three levels of proofreading and editing services to any written material, including essays, dissertations, PhD theses, presentations, articles, journal submissions, website content, funding applications and PhD proposals. A reference service is also available. Detailed feedback is provided so that future work can be improved if desired.



Study skills tutoring is a form of tutoring which enables general skills to be developed and applied to all subject choices. This type of tutoring is particularly useful for those who grasp content, but find it difficult to translate knowledge into assessments, whether coursework, essays, presentations or exams. Anxiety, stress, time management, organisation skills, note taking skills, revision techniques and essay writing are some of the topics covered. Offered on a one-to-one basis, in person or via Skype, or in groups of up to four.



Providing accessible research and evaluation solutions to organisations and charities, from initial ideas and project conceptualisation, to analysis and report writing. An independent service or working alongside staff to develop research skills, research consultancy aims to provide valuable data and answers to ensure organisations and charities can maximise their funding and results. Short-term and long-term projects.

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