My website Resources

I’ve received a number of messages and questions recently on twitter and instagram about my website resources. Who do I host with? Who did I buy my domain through? What platform do I use? Where did I get my website designed? I decided to distill everything into one website resources page, so if you want to get your own website or blog, you can use these resources if you wish!

*Please note, that some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase any of the products, I will receive a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you. The commissions are small, but they keep this website up and running. I only recommend services I use and like a lot.

SITEGROUND – Website hosting resources

Site ground banner stating 'site ground web hosting' from £2.75 per month for website resources

I host with SITEGROUND, a hosting service I’d never heard of until I looked into starting my own website. These guys offer a fantastic deal when you first join – I purchased three years of hosting, upfront, for a very reasonable cost. The transfer pre-existing website to for FREE. The offer a managed service for users. They’re reliable, good value and offer second to none customer service.

WORDPRESS.COM – Website platform

Wordpress logo with 'the world's most powerful platform' tagline for website hosting resources

WordPress are possibly the most popular website platform out there. It’s super straightforward and easy to use. This is where I created and manage my website. It’s the platform where I create blog posts and pages like this one. The interface is really intuitive and straightforward. As someone with very little website experience, I find using a breeze! is not be confused with its sibling, Unlike .org, .com is a paid service, but it allows you to monetise your site and have a number of other key features, like contact forms on your website.

JETPACK – Website security resources

Jetpack logo and tagline for website security resources

A free version of Jetpack came along when I first set up my site, but I soon upgraded. This package offers everything you need. I’ve never had any issues with reliability or functioning of this service. I had had zero spam or security issues since I created my website a few years ago. For top performance, customer service and security, Jetpack is the one!


If you have any questions about my website resources – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As far as I’m concerned, these are the best products I’ve come across, when it comes to hosting my own website!