Study Skills Tutoring

Is your child studying for GCSE’s or A-Levels?

Do they grasp the content well, but struggle to do well in exams or assessments?

Would they benefit from study skills tutoring?


What is study skills tutoring?

This specific form of tutoring is based on the development of useful, sustainable skills that aid with studying, whether that be at GCSE, A-Level or University level. It is not subject dependent and skills learnt can be applied across different topics, subjects or units.

What skills can tutoring help with?

Tutoring can help with aspects of studying that include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking notes from classes, lectures or readings
  • Consolidating notes
  • Revision techniques
  • Information and note management
  • Practicing for exams
  • Taking exams
  • Managing anxiety before and during exams
  • Time management
  • Writing skills

Who can benefit from study skills tutoring?

Typically, those that would most benefit from study skills tutoring are those who have a good grasp of the content but struggle to show their understanding.

Students may feel frustrated that the are working hard, but not getting the results they would like.

Those who are open to trying news ways of learning, revising and organising are most likely to experience positive results.

What makes me qualified to deliver study skills tutoring?

I have a strong academic record, achieving 3 A’s at A-Level, a 2:1 at Undergradute level and Distinction at Masters leve.

In order to achieve these standards, I have to diversify, explore and use different methods of studying.

Despite my PhD not involving exams, I am still learning and seek to increase my knowledge of study based skills.

I have learnt what works, and perhaps more important, what doesn’t.

I have full DBS clearance.

Where can I get study skills tutoring?

I am currently delivering in person study skills tutoring in the Bath and Wiltshire areas.

I can also deliver study skills tutoring via Skype.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements and my competitive rates.

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