A passionate and confident speaker

My passion for delivering health and wellbeing workshops comes from my own experience of over working, poor health and ultimately burnout. After working hard to gain, and maintain balance in my own life, I am now passionate about spreading the tools and skills I have learnt, within all organisations, but particularly within academia.

I am now an advocate for work-life balance, and a holistic approach to work, study and life in general. My workshops are a culmination of my research expertise in Stress, Coping and Resilience, and my own personal research and experience in to the area.


Our interaction is only the beginning

I’ve attended many workshops where I felt like I was being talked at, rather than talked with, and though 
I may have absorbed some of the information, it felt more like a lecture than a workshop. 

My workshops and trainings are interactive, allowing attendees to get as involved as they want to. There are opportunities for
discussion and personal reflection, and time to discuss any questions that may arise. I can attune to the needs of an audience
and adapt content as necessary to ensure that all attendees get as much from the session as possible.

Further to this, all workshops are the basis for the further development of skills and qualities, meaning that by the end of
each workshop attendees have begun to develop a tool-kit which they can take forward, use and develop for their own needs.
This means that our interaction is only the beginning, and I am always available for follow up questions or
one-to-one work with workshop attendees.


I have delivered workshops to the following audiences


Workshop topics include

Please get in touch to request my full catalogue of workshops on offer, including length and content. Bespoke workshop packages are also available upon request.




“Tamsyn is an absolute natural at working with young people. Her presentations were pitched just right for the programme, whilst her openness and energy made the subject matter both accessible and interesting to students. A joy to work with!”

Anna Konig, Social Science Co-ordinating Tutor, On Track to Bath.


“Tamsyn agreed to come to discuss her role as a PhD student at an event for my Psychology students. In this, she presented her findings to date, as well as her experiences at the University of Bath and as a PhD student. Tamsyn was professional in her approach, and incredibly engaging with students – some of whom re-considered the university on the basis of her talk. Tamsyn also took time during this to advise students on resilience, caring for their own mental health and coping with exam stress. More than anything, Tamsyn genuinely cares. She has the best interests of every single member of staff or student, carer or caring organisation at heart in all that she does. Tamsyn inspires those she works with, and her motivation is contagious.”

Gwen Saunders, Psychology Teacher/ Head of Year 13, Salisbury 6th Form College.