Research Consultancy

If you have an issue you'd like to explore, or a service you'd like to evaluate, it can be difficult to know where to start

For this reason I offer high quality, creative and expert research consultancy solutions to individuals, organisations and charities.

I began this work when I noticed that many organisations, particularly charities, are doing incredible work, but don’t have the data to show it. Working alongside charities I have been able to develop research protocols to evaluate interventions and provide solid evidence for their work. These reports can be used in service evaluations and funding requests, thus enabling organisations to extend the remit of their work and its success.


I am a mixed-methods researcher

This means I have experience and knowledge in both quantitative and qualitative research protocols. Therefore, I can provide you with the best method for your research.

I have experience of research projects from their early conception right through to successful publication. I have with hard to recruit populations that have required innovative design and recruitment plans. As a result, challenging research topics and populations are where I thrive.

Support along the entire research journey

I can work with you every step of the way, from initial ideas to the final analysis and report. There are many elements to conducting professional, and importantly, ethical, research with impact. I have experience in all these areas.

I can work with you to: 


How I work

My research and evaluative consultancy work is always led by the client. I can work with you, advising along the way, or I can conduct the research on your behalf. Either way, our time together will have legacy. I am completely transparent during the research process and where possible, use our time together as a research training opportunity. This way, you will be able to conduct research independently in the future if you wish, or begin to think about how you might evaluate an intervention before it is delivered.

Consultancy can be provided in person, or remotely via Skype or Zoom. I can work with groups of people, one-to-one or independently to carry out the research you need.


Research skills

Areas of expertise


A case study

A local carers centre was providing interventions to carers, ranging from yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, and walking groups. In order to assess these activities, service users were asked for their feedback in the form of written quotes. These enabled the charity to get an overall picture of the impact the intervention was having. 

In order to conduct a more robust evaluation of these services, I worked with the charity to develop a protocol where aspects of the service users’ health (stress, coping, social support) were assessed before, during and after the course of the intervention.

This data was then analysed and identified that the activities were having a significant positive impact on the health outcomes of the service users. The charity was able to use these findings to evaluate their service as a whole, but also when submitting funding applications to local councils.


Get in touch to discuss a project or idea

I am happy to provide research consultancy to any organisation, this includes private, corporate, not-for-profit and charities.

If you’d like to work together or find out more, please get in touch to set up a free 30 minute call where we can talk about your ideas and plans.