Proofreading & Editing Services

Proofreading & Editing Services

I offer high quality editing and proofreading services at competitive rates for anyone who would like some extra help with their writing.

I can work with you to establish the level of editing or proofreading you require. We will agree on a turn around that suits you and I can often get things back to you quickly with no extra charge.

Legacy is a key value in my work. My time with your piece of writing is not where our time together ends. I will be available with any questions you may have and my detailed feedback will provide you with a starting point to develop your writing skills, should you wish.


The best part of offering these services, for me, is that I really enjoy editing and proofreading other people's work

I see it as a challenge and love seeing a document transform. You’ll receive feedback to ensure you communicate clearly and effectively. I’ll provide a thorough service and give you comments in a way that empowers you to make decisions about your own work – therefore there will be no red pen here.

Ultimately, I believe that you are the expert in what you are communicating, you may just need a helping hand with how you are communicating. An outside perspective can help you see things differently and I can give you that view, enabling you to get your point across in a more succinct manner.

I have successfully worked with a number of international clients where English is not their first language and improved their overall writing clarity.

I will explain my reasoning for edits and provide detailed feedback so you can develop skills and use them in future work.


Proofreading & editing services are provided on the following:


How does it work?

You may be wondering how the process works. I know that there can be tight deadlines and some anxiety surrounding this, therefore I aim to make the process as simple as possible.

1. You contact me with an initial enquiry – ideally include details on the type of project, word count and any important deadlines or turn around times.

2. I will provide you with my hourly rates and request a sample of your writing.

3. I will provide the requested service on your sample of writing.

4. I will provide you with an estimated turn around time and cost. You can check you are happy with the services I provide.

5. We will agree on a turnaround time and I will work on your project. 

6. Feedback will be provided if necessary and an invoice will be sent with the edited document via email.

7. Payment is made via bank transfer or Western Union, unless otherwise agreed.


Services provided


This is a basic proofread for spelling mistakes, typos and punctuation issues. This is done on final drafts or work that is almost finished.


Editing for sentence structure, grammar issues, sentence length and sense. This is where language issues are also addressed. This is done on final drafts or work that is almost finished.

Developmental Editing

This involves working from a rough or early draft to bring together a piece that has all of the above, plus any necessary restructuring of sentences or paragraphs and identification of gaps or issues with clarity. Attention is also given to paragraph completeness.


This involves checking over both the overall reference list and also any in-text citations to make sure they are complete and adhere to the reference system required.



“Thanks so much for your editing. You made such a difference to my assignment and the way you gave the feedback was really great. I didn’t feel bad about what I had written – just motivated to do better! Thank You!” International Final year Psychology student

“Thank you for your Email and hard work. I read the advanced essay and I see you edit it very carefully.” Tao Yohan

“Thank you so much for your efforts, time and all the comments. Much appreciated! Will highly recommend you to others! Can’t thank you enough for being so kind and taking the time to go through this thoroughly. English is my third language, hence, the “this doesn’t make sense”. Glad someone like you is kind enough to go through it all.” Sazan Mandalawi

“Thanks a lot for the quality work you have done for me. I am impressed and appreciated.” Goran Mustafa