Playing it cool…

A very dear friend of mine recently started a Masters in Psychology. I’ve had the chance to find out more about the course and chat over some of the module content. My friend and I are quite an enthusiastic pair in general and I think we both have a healthy dose of optimism and are always looking for the positive in situations. So it’s not really any surprise that I’ve found myself really enjoying talking about research and psychology. Even to the point of hashing over research paradigms and philosophy over dinner! To some people this might seem ‘uncool’. But…

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Stress – friend or foe?

Those who know me will most likely know that my PhD research is focussed on studying a factor called stress. Something that we have probably all had a taste of. But when we talk about stress we are often referring to a psychological state and rarely are the physiological aspects of stress considered. Many people have heard of the fight or flight (and more recently considered, fright/freeze) response, and when provided with the classic saber tooth tiger analogy they can somewhat appreciate the possible benefits of stress. In that situation it is quite simply survival. But at what point does…

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How I survived confirmation

  Hello! For those of you who follow me – apologies for the lack of posts over these last few weeks. I’ve just returned from a month in beautiful Bali.It felt important at this point in my PhD to take some solid time out to recuperate a bit before launching into year two. I’ve returned feeling enthusiastic and excited – who knows how long that will last, but for now it is feeling fantastic to be home and back to work. The importance of taking time off for ourselves is so underrated and undervalued – but more on that in…

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A confession…

I have a confession to make. Earlier this year I really, really wanted to drop out.  There. I said it.

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How do you cope?

“How are you coping?” we might ask a friend. What do we really mean when we ask this? Do we want to know how they are doing, or do we really want to know how they are coping? Perhaps in a friendship, it is the former. But in my research, I am asking the question literally, that is, what things are you actually doing to cope with the situation you are facing? Coping is a bit of an ambiguous term, and it’s not always easy to know how it is being used.

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