Health Psych Tam

Hey there, I’m Tamsyn and welcome to Health Psych Tam.


I’m often asked what exactly it is I’m studying. Health Psychology. And responses range from “is that working with people with Schizophrenia then” to “so can you read my mind?” The answers to those questions are no, and maybe. I’ll let you figure out which way around they are!

My hopes with this blog is to not only have fun writing about subjects that interest me within Health Psychology (and beyond!) but maybe to also dispel some myths and help others understand more about Health Psychology and Psychology in general. It will also be great to have a place to track my progress and share any exciting news (or stresses!) throughout my PhD.

More about Me

I’m currently living in Bath12027643_10156254405055647_800658935173990756_n and recently began my PhD in Health Psychology at the University of Bath. I completed my Undergraduate (Psychology) and my Masters (MSc Health Psychology) at the University and it’s safe to say this city is a special place for me. Coming from Cornwall – the only thing missing is the sea!

My research focuses on Stress, Resilience and Coping in children and is specifically exploring young carers. Additional academic interests of mine include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Earthquake Survivors, Military Trauma, Patient Adherence and the benefits of exercise.

When I’m not studying there’s a fair chance you’ll find me being active outdoors, snuggling up and reading a good book, winding down with some yoga or catching up with friends over some great food. I also love wild swimming, horse riding, cooking, exploring and self development. A recent trip to Indonesia also reawakened my desire to travel and see the world!

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